I am having problems with ZEN install, rather getting the inventory to
work correctly. I have managed to get 602, 610, 622 and a host of
other errors. I have installed, reinstalled and I continue to get the
same results. I guess I keep reading the same thing incorrectly over
and over.

My current setup is as follows.
Novell 6.0 sp5
Edir 8.7.3.x
Zen 6.5.

I have 3 servers, one of which I had ZEN 4.0 installed. That server
is about to be retired, so I decided not to do an upgrade, but rather
a NEW CLEAN install of ZEN. ZEN 4.0 is not running nor is it being

My current problem is that every time I issue "startinv" from the
console I get messages indicating that there is a connection problem
of some sort. Depending on how things are configured it will be a
602, 610, or 622 message.

After reading, I think all the threads on inventory installation that
exist, the one thing that I see often is to make sure that the tabs
for ZENworks and Jdbc Driver information for the Inventory Database
object is set to an IP number and not a name. I have checked this
over and over and it is correct. I have it set to

Can someone point me into a direction as I seem to end up in the same
place for that past several days.

Thanks so much.