Hello all - When I try to run the sp1b install, I get the following error
"We are unable to determine that Zenworks Desktop Management 6.5 is
installed on . This can be caused by not having sufficient
rights to the target server. Be sure that Zenworks 6.5 is installed and
that you have rights to administer before applying this
support pack."
Im logged in as admin, and zenworks seems to be working fine on the server.
I looked at the server registry entries and I'm not sure they are what they
should be.
Contents of \\my server\software\novell\zenworks\zfd:
Inventory Server
Remote Management Server
XMLProxy Server
Nal Database Server

When looking at any of the keys they say something similar to this:
Type = REG_SZ
SIZE = 11
Anyone have any ideas? Thanks for any comments, suggestions, hints, snide
remarks, etc