Zenworks 6.5 (SP1) problem importing workstations. New installation.
Workstations are being created but getting message "Could not set the
password. The workstation must be removed and imported again."

I'm following the procedure as defined in Novell Zenworks 6.5 Desktop
Management Course 3041 guide (Novell Training Services) on Automatically
Importing Workstations.

Set registry keys: HKLM\Software\Novell\ZENworks\zenwsreg\importpolic y &

Here is what I have configured for policys.

Server Package_LEGNW01:

Policies > General (none selected)
Policies > Windows: Workstation Import & Zenworks Database
Package Schedule: Run immediately: repeat every minute.
Workstation Import Properties:
Platforms > General (nothing selected, unchecked)
Platforms > WinXP: Configured as desired, Creating in Selected Container,
override general settings.

Anything you see that could be wrong? I substituted "Windows"
with "General" in the policy registry key.

*** Disabled NMAS according to TID 10092937 & Rebooted server.

*** Tried removing importpolicy registry key from W/S, workstation could
not find policy and failed to create W/S

*** Set LogLevel = 2 in registry, checked log file, workstation "thinks"
that it was created successfully. No mention of password issue.

I'm just scratching my head here!!