We are encountering several strange setup problems while installing
Novell ZENworks 6.5 on a Windows 2000 member server that is part of an
Windows 2000 domain.

The first strange thing is, we have paid for the entire package, but
somehow when we need to install the driver for Active Directory, this
driver is shown as one of many 90-day trial drivers. This came quite

Then, we have noticed a picture in the eDirectory setup manual (from the
same cd-rom as the setup package) saying that there should be both
a 'Services' and a 'Users' container, directly under the 'ZEN' container
in eDirectory. However, after setup has finished we notice that the admin
account that was created during the setup, resides in the 'Services'
container and that there is no 'Users' container at all.

We tried solving this by afterwards creating a 'Users' container manually
similar to the existing 'Services' container (as an Organizational Unit).
Then we moved the Admin account from 'Services' to 'Users'. Once we have
done that, we encounter several login problems.

We have encountered other problems too.

But the main problem is that the manual on the setup cd-rom's does not
correspond quite well to how ZENworks 6.5 setup is behaving. This is very
confusing and frustrating our efforts to succesfully setup a testlab. Is
this a common problem and if so, is there an alternate and better install
manual for ZENworks 6.5 for Windows 2000/2003 than the one that comes
with the setup cd-roms?

Ivo Kremer
Assistant admin of Praedinius Gymnasium, Groningen, The Netherlands