Working in a test network with 1 Novell 6.5 Sp2 server w. Zen 6.5 installed
and 1 5.1SP8 server. The original test server was a migration from 5.1SP8
with Zen 3.2 Sp2. Policies transferred and were being applied correctly
until I installed the Zen Workstation Manager to client 4.83 SP 3. The
first install installed all Zen WS Manager options. Apparently the imaging
service conflicted with the Dell Optiplex partition and the crash was hard
and fatal. I fdisked the desktop and rebuilt the workstation. Installed
only the desktop manager. Now the machine gets to a login screen, logs in
and then reboots. This cycle continues over and over. What is the best
next step and what could have caused the original problem.

Nancy Royall
Director of Tech
Richmond County Public Schools
Warsaw, VA 22572