Zen 6.5 sp1b. Clients are XP SP2 with latest Zen Agents installed.

Zenapp has registrys settings of

"ImportPolicy"="\"MIS Import Package:Windows:Workstation

(Yes, I've replaced a few settings for public posting.)

I can run ZWSREG and it registers correctly. I can run

zwsreg -importserver myserver.domain.com -importpolicy "MIS Import
Package:Windows:Workstation Import.MIS.XP.Workstations.edir_base"

and this runs correctly.

But the workstation continues to state "Not using workstation helper" after
I refresh naldiag.

What this means is I have some stations that have Zen running, but haven't
installed apps in over a month. These PC's get rebooted each day.

Why is this occuring? Is there a reg key I can query to see how many I
have like this?

Worth noting - we reset eDirectory services (This runs on a single W2000
server) each morning at 9am due to eDirectory "not responding" often. Not
sure if this would cause the issue or not..?