I thought of posting this in the iPrint forum, but it seems beyond
iPrint. Also, I accidently originally posted in the client nt-2x-xp
forum. Sorry.

In the process of upgrading from ZfD 4.01x w/client 4.9sp2 on NW6.0sp5
and queues to ZDM 6.5 w/client 4.91_pka on OES NW and iPrint. If W2k
workstations with client 4.9xp2, ZfD 4.01, and no iPrint are
connecting to a NW60 server that still have ZfD 4.01 components OR if
workstations w/client 4.91_pka, ZDM 6.5 and iPrint 4.05 are
connecting to an OES NW server with ZDM 6.5 and iPrint components
neither the iPrint nor the User Extensible Policies, which are set to
run at User Login, run automatically.

The scheduler lists these Actions details:
Next Run = User Login
Last Run = Never been run before
Currently Run = No
Priority = Normal
Impersonation for iPrint policy = System
Impersonation for Extensible User policy = Interactive User
Terminate Time = 2 minutes
Persistent = No
Advanced Options = Reschedule next minute

If I attempt to run these manually as the logged in user-level user, I
get an "insufficient rights" error, including for the User Policy. If
I am an administrative user, they will run manually.

We're attempting to deliver printers and drivers using the iPrint
policy just as we did previously with the NT Computer Printer policy,
but we can't find the magic to get the iPrint policy (workstation
associated to run at user login) to run automatically. Then, examining
further, I see that the user policy is not running either as it was