Hve not seen this scenario here...

I have ZfD3.2 running on 2 NW5.1SP7 servers. I have brought up their
replacements as a two-node cluster and a utility server running OES-NW.
Workstations are mostly running Client 4.83SP2 with some 4.90SP2. With the
introduction of the OES servers and new eDir, the Inventory server stopped
loading (I assume that this was the culprit because nothing else changed) -
not a real problem because I'm going to let it die and bring up new in 6.5.
My question is, can I load ZDM6.5 on the OES-NW boxes with ZfD3.2 on the
NW5.1 boxes and then work on upgrading clients, push the ZDM agents and then
move people to the OES server. Do I need to do something else? I've heard,
but not found documented, that ZDM6.5 will behave as ZfD3.2 until the agents
are updated - any basis in truth? Will policies upgrade or do they need to
be recreated?

Erick Larson
Perkins Library
Duke University