I have a client with the following environment:
4 x Windows 2003 servers (File and Print, Exchange, Terminal Server &
Application servers)
1 x Netware 5.1 server with ZFD 4.01.

They are upgrading the main file and print server which will free up a
server. I would like to use this spare server as a dedicated ZFD 6.5 SP1
server running on Windows 2003, thus enabling me to de-commission the
Netware v5.1 server.

I would like to use middle tier so I can remove the Netware client from
the workstations.

The critical parts of ZFD that the client uses is:
Application Management
Imaging (PXE)
Remote Mgt (workstation import etc)

Non-critical (not current used)
Inventory database

Any advice of the correct way to do this would be appreciated. Any tips
and things to avoid. Things that will not work.