Note: multiple post:

So, this summer marks a bunch of upgrades, including upgrading our
Netware Servers to 6.5, our Windows Servers to 2003 Server, and our
desktops to XP Pro SP2 (from 2000 Pro.) We have never used Active
Directory, as a combination of locking down the desktops and configuring
our Group Policies, both in NW and in Win2K Pro, allowed us to get the
functionality we needed with the security we wanted. All admins have
administrator accounts installed on every desktop for ease of access,
while teachers and students are all Power Users.

In someone's infinite wisdom, it was decided that the Power User group
would be unavailable *unless* the desktop is part of an Active Directory
domain... Never having had Active Directory as part of our set-up, I
have no idea how to move forward (does AD need a dedicated server?, will
it install cleanly over NW 6.5? Will it play nice with ZENworks 6.5?
What are the full ramifications, and where are the stupid directions to
undertake this project?!) Any help, pointers, articles, etc, that
anyone can provide would be fantastic!

We have 5 NW servers, all running 6.5 as of yesterday, and 2 Windows
servers, running NDS, DHCP, Arcserv Backup software, proprietary
programs, web services, etc.

Thanks again!