I am having difficulty understanding the process involved in creating a new
group policy for 2000/XP.

I have read the Zenworks 6.5 Desktop Management Administration Guide (Pg
146-160) and I still don't understand how to make a new policy. I am running
Netware and Zenworks 6.5 and have 2000 clients. I have no previous group

This is what I am doing in ConsoleOne:

Open the policy package that I created.

Goto the Windows 2000 policy pane.

Enable Windows Group Policy, click properties.

In the "Network location of existing/new Group Policies" I put the path to
where I want them put (this may be where I am falling down). IE Z:\policies\

I click "Edit Policies". MMC comes up, I make my changes and close it.

Nothing shows up in Z:\policies\

I am sure I am just not understanding what the process is and need some
guideance to get back on track.