Hi all,

Craig answered a lot of questions before....but while playing with upgrades
I went into a simple (?) problem,
maybe I have misinterpreted Craigs suggestions by mixing the terms policy
and policy package:

So I have a default workstation package created by ZfD3.2, I can edit those
in both ZfD3.2 or ZfD6.5 ConsoleOne.
Of course the 6.5 snap-ins provide more options...so my understanding of

- I have to stay with the packages (as they are assigned to containers and I
can't assign more than one...)
- I can use the new policies (like XP-Group policies) and they will be used
by 6.5 agents but 3.2 agents will continue using the NT/2000/XP instead
- How to use policies like "Remote Control" - usually they are defined once
under General and I think 6.5 has a few more options, is it save to use
those without messing up old clients?:)...

Thx in advance