Hi Jared et al,

We have successfully manged to install Windows 2003 server with Active
directory. eDirectory and all management products are working correctly.
IIS and Apache do not have any port conflicts.

We have configured zenworks, Now the zenworks inventory database is working
fine and we can generate report any time for software & hardware etc. this
is also big acheivement.

Up to now I have setup and configured as

1. Dirxml configuration including password synchronization and login
accounts between Active Directory and eDirectory
2. Desktop Management Services
3. Server Management Services
4. Remote Management for Workstations
5. Workstations Inventory Scanning including Hardware and Softwares etc.
6. Generating Reports from Scanned inventory data from workstations
7. working on Patch Management and about 50% components are working etc.

So now the only thing we want to do is create a Suse linux server
(enterprize), add eDirectory to it, sync it with the Windows eDirectory, add
in the full Identity manager 2.0 (everyone says it will work on Linux),
configure our finger print devices, and maybe we have a successful setup
without 2 windows server.

any thoughts?