I have just finished installing my zenwork 6.5 suite (ZFD and
Patchlink). ZFD and MTS servers are on the same Novell 6.0server.
Patchlink server is W2k3 ent server.
Workstation import into ZFD database (I assume edir) is working and I
can remote control my test environment. However, when I try to check
the inventory of a computer, I get an error "The configured database is
not a compatable database. You are trying to access the later version of
the Zenworks database." I see two database objects in my tree.
Desktop_Management_Database and Inventory_Database. In console1, I
have configured the Zenworks inventory database to Inventory_Database.
Any idea what is wrong?

(Side note, the Patchlink database on the W2k3 server shows only the
patchlink server and no other computer that has registered to edir. Is
this related somehow? (I thought that patchlink would either use edir or
synch to it.))