This is kind of a two fold question, which I think may be related but
not sure.

I have a client who upgraded from 4.01 to ZDM 6.5. After installing the
new zfdagent onto the workstations, we started having DLU issues, we
found that there was a ZENPOL32.DLL in the c:\windows\system32
directory. After renaming or deleting that file, DLU started working.

Now however, we have created a user and workstation Group Policy. The
policy is seen under the effective properties of the user or
workstation, but they are not being applied to the workstation when a
user logs in. The policy is set to apply during an event > login

Seeing that there was the old file in the c:\windows\system32 directory,
I am guessing that there may be an older version of the zfdagent
installed on the workstations.

So my questions are:

1) Is there any other known files that I need to check for and delete

2) Is there a way to script an unattended/silent uninstall of the older
agent, then install the new agent from scratch?

The client would like to uninstall the old agents first and then install
the new agents, but would like to do it through login script so they
don't have to touch every workstation (approx. 800 or so)

Any suggestions appreciated