I installed the ZDM 6.5 sp1b Middle-Tier server on an OES-NW server. I
configured it successfully and all was working well. Clientless machines
could talk to ZEN and do what they needed to. Then I rebooted the server
again and everything stopped working, well, almost. I can no longer
authenticate and administer the Middle-tier. It reports that I am not
authorized to administer and should log in as the proxy user or equivalent
(USER is not authorized to access the NetStorage Administrator. You must be
logged in as the NetStorage proxy user or equivalent. Logout then try
again.) Of course, I am logged in as the actual proxy user. Looking up the
error indicates that a replica is needed on the server. I added same but no
luck. There also appears to be a connection with NetStorage, which has
stopped working, for the most part. I can no longer select files to
manipulate. How can I kill the config so I can get back in and reconfigure

Erick Larson
Perkins Library
Duke University