Hey there! I'm sort of new to the whole ZW thing, and especially
ConsoleOne. I have a management workstation (Win2K) that has ConsoleOne
on it, and in a User Policy object, it lets me create policies for all
sorts of desktop and server environments (WinXP, Win2K, Win2K Server,
etc). I need to create a Group Policy for WinXP, so I opened up
ConsoleOne on another computer, this one with WinXP installed.
ConsoleOne runs ok, but the only environments I can define policies for
are 'General,' 'WinNT-Win2K-WinXP' and 'Win98.' Unfortunately, I need
to be able to define settings for the 'WinXP' environment, which is not
possible through the mixed environment offered.

Am I missing plug-ins or something here? I tried copying the local
ConsoleOne files from the Win2K mgmt computer to the network where we
run ConsoleOne from, assuming that something special had been installed
on that machine. It didn't change anything on the WinXP iteration,
which runs from that network location. I even tried re-extending the
schema on the tree, to see if something was amiss there, but it also
didn't change anything. I have no idea where else to look, and I need
the WinXP group policy up and running by monday. Help!!

Thanks in advance! ;)