Hey Jared et al,

In a nutshell, we found an almost perfect setup to what we wanted using the
existing equip and software that we had for this customer.
1 Windows 2003 Server
1 Suse Linux 9 Enterprize server (updated with OES)

Our issue was that we could not add all the ZEN 6.5 Suite to a single
Windows 2003 server, sync the active directory with eDirectory, and add in
Identity Manager 2.02.
The suggestion was to put eDirectory on the SUSE linux server along with
Identity manager.

We did manage to get everything from the ZEN 6.5 Suite with the exception of
the massive Inventory database, which really does need a second server just
for itself, with lots of drive space.
We placed the eDirectory onto the Linux server and successfully sync'd it
with the Active directory on the Win2003 server.

We also got the Notes drivers to work on the linux server in Identity
manager with iManager 2.5 console.

Thanks for the help Jared, it worked the way we thought it would. NMAS
fingerprint devices are working as well in this setup. Complete control of
the Windows network with ZENWorks down to which application and desktop a
user can access, how they get access to lotus notes, their home drive
mappings, all with a press of a finger print.