Netware 6.5
Zen 6.5 sp1b
Windows XP desktops, client 4.9, current Zen agent

I have a few questions regarding Zen 6.5 container search policies. I read Shaun Pond's excellent Coolsoltulutions article, and that cleared up things that were not in the documentation. tree is pretty, flat, such as

OU1 ---> users
OU2 ---> users
OU3 ---> users

and so on for about 10 sites. Looking at Shaun's article, my only option for policies is to create them in the OU for each site (small sites and we don't use other OUs such as USERS or RESOURCES) and associate the search policy with the "Object container"? I wanted to do something like have OU1.ZEN.POLICIES, the policies being in the POLICIES OU, and associate them with the OU1. Since Zen won't search "down", I can't do this (or am I wrong)?

Strangley, I have a .ZEN.POLICIES OU at the root, and the workstation import policy (at least this one), seems to be affecting my other OUS, even though I don't have it assocaited with any (and those OUs do have policies within them).

Sort of related, is there a way I can force a "policy refresh" on the server or workstation, so I know the PC will be reading the newest policies?

Comments/suggestions welcome.