We are migrating our workstations (XP) to 6.5Sp1. We plan to use NAL to
deploy the agent. Once all of our workstations are upgraded, we will begin
using the ConsoleOne with 6.5 snapins to create new group policies, etc.
Until that time, we are hiding that ConsoleOne version and just sticking
with 3.2 :)

We currently have user packages that use extensible policies. The policy
handles DLU, and removes certain things such as the Run command, etc. The
admin policy package gives the user the run command back. The 3.2
workstation can flip back and forth between these packages with no problems.

Once the 6.5 agent is deployed to the workstation, I can no longer switch
policies. They do not take effect. So if I deploy the agent to a locked
down 3.2 workstation, I cannot seem to unlock him again and give the run
command back. DLU is functioning however, but the extensibles do not seem
to work. I thought I could run these just fine until I finally convert to
group policies once all my workstations are upgraded? Am I missing
something? Thanks in advance.