I have just setup iprint in a clustered environment. I have
successfully added an ipp printer manually and verified it's funtioning.
I am using the ZFD6.5 and I am unable to get the ipp printers
configured in the iprint policy to come to my XP SP2 workstation. I
have changed the iprint.ini, AllowUserPrinters = 1, and the printers
still do not come to the workstation. What is strange is that the
iprint client will get installed via the policy, but the printer never
comes. Info about my environment:

Netware 6.5 sp1
iprint client 3.09
netware client 4.90sp2
zfd agent

I suspect that maybe this is a problem for xpsp2 and it will be fixed in
nw65 sp3? Any information would really help. We are preparing for a
major migration to a new facility and having this working will be an
important piece. Thanks!!

Nathan McDaniel
Mohave County