I'm charged with configuring some machines to allow users to log into a
kerberos realm and map to a generic local profile. That all works well. If I
want to use the ZFDAgent for anything, it wants to authenticate as an NDS
user. the users in Kerberos realm are not in NDS. Can the Middle-tier agent
be set up to authenticate as the generic user whose profile we are mapping
to? That user actually exists in NDS.

If nothing else, I'd like to end up with Image-safe date since the machines
will be re-imaged every 3 months. Got some reading to do. The machines also
use OpenAFS so they have a NIC names AFS using the MS Loopback Adapter.
ZisWin shows that this IP is captured. Haven't seen if you can select
adapters to keep and write back.

Erick Larson
Perkins Library
Duke University