Im sure 100's of people have had this problem before during this upgrade
so here goes.

We have upgraded from Zen 3.2 to 6.5 (on different server so fresh
install). All is well, people are still using 3.2 nal etc as we havent
installed any agents en mass.

Now installing the zen 6.5 agent on my test machine kills dlu!, i know how
do fix it, by deleting zenpol32.dll from %sysdir% folder. However, when
you reboot and login its fine, but the zen3.2 nal copies the original
zenpol32.dll back and there is my problem!.

I cannot upgrade 1500 pc's and run around deleting this file mannually!.
There must be a decent TID which i have yet to find that tells you how
step by step (for numpties!) on how to do this automatically. The
documentation doesnt really touch on this as far as i can tell/have

So any help will be spot on!.