We are running ZFD 6.5 with XP machines and some of them have the Novell
4.9 client on.
We have been installing the management agent on our workstations and
they have been correctly importing in to 'Workstations' in Console One.
I have just installed the agent on to some other machines in the same
way as before, but they have not imported.

When the user first logs on they are presented with the agent logon box
and this WILL log the user on correctly, it will also give the user the
correct NAL icons. Everthing seems to work fine....... but it is not
showing up in Console One.

The only difference is that the management agent is from the Zen6.5
SP1, but I didnt isntall the whole service pack to the server, just
using the management agent (to try and overcome an imaging problem)

Does anyone have any idea of what could be the problem? could it be
because the agent isnt from the same SP as what is on the server?