I have a NetWare 6.5 server running ZENworks 6.5 sp1+. I did not
install the Middle-Tier server at the time I did the install. We now
need it for [DSL] remote clients with a connection back to the

We have the Novell Client installed with it configured for a
"workstation only" login to Windows. If I install the ZENworks agent
on the workstations in order to be able to manage the clients I need a
Middle-Tier server. I need the Middle-Tier server to authenticate
users if they don't authenticate with the Novell Client, right? The
issue is speed, these clients have a DSL connection back to the
network and upload speeds are 800 Kbps and we figured the ZENworks
agent and a Middle-Tier server would help.

Some of these workstations are laptops and will occasionally come into
the office and will authenticate using the Novell Client.
Is it a lot of trouble to install the Middle Tier server after the
fact - will it mess up my install? Or should I install it to another
NetWare server in the tree?

TIA, Oksana