I'm going to upgrade from ZfD3.2 to 6.5. We have 2 servers running NW5.1
and one with 6.5, which is the one that I'll upgrade Zen on. The other 2
I'll leave 3.2 on until I've finished the migration to ZEN 6.5, then I'll
remove ZEN from those 2 servers.
Currently, all printing goes through one of the 5.1 servers and I use
Workstaion Printer policies to push out the printers to the workstations.
We have a mix of NDPS & queue based printers.
I'm wondering what will happen when I upgrade ZEN - will 6.5 still support
the NDPS & queue based printing policies? Will we have to shift the queues
& NDPS Agents to the NW6.5 server?