So in an attempt to get my "master" ConsoleOne repository updated:

I have an OES NetWare box with the snapins I need on it (except ZEN)

So I copied that servers: sys:\public\mgmt\consoleone directory to my
local pc:


So I have a c:\novell\consoleone\1.2\ (and all the subdirs)

I then applied the ZEN 6.5 snapins.

That works fine.

But when I run the ZEN 6.5 SP1b install, it says something to the effect

"we did not find a locally installed version of consoleone with the
required snapins".

And it won't let me install the sp1b snapins.

Is there a registry key or some file it looks for?

Ironically, if I "install" consoleone 1.3.6d (that's what's on the
server, BTW that I copied over) onto the local pc and apply the 6.5
snapins, THEN the patch runs fine, but I don't want to take that
"stripped" down one and slap it on top of the server's copy.