We just upgraded from ZEN 4.01 to ZEN 65. The initial install went ok, but
we got the error that the support pack could not find the ZEN 65 install.
We applied TID 10098135 and the install ran but quit at the very end with:

ZENworks Desktop Management installation failed on the following servers:
See below for details.

Pre-install steps completed successfully
InvServer components NOT installed on ZEN
Error: There was an error installing ZENworks Desktop Management on ZEN.
Error: Error copying files to server. Be sure that no ZENworks Desktop
Management files are open or locked.

We have tried re-installing SP1 about a dozen times, trying different things
each time like turning off virus scanner on the workstation, turning off
file caching, deleting the duplicate inventory service object (TID
10097151), running the install on different workstations.

Now we are having tons of problems which I feel are due to the install not
1. Policies no longer come down to the workstations
2. We get hundreds of "failed login attempts" in the server log from
workstations trying to log in and failing.
3. We have hundreds of "workstation cannot import" errors on the server
4. Automatic imaging fails on one lab (manual imaging works)

Does anyone have any hints on how I can get a log file of exactly what is
failing on the install? I need a more specific error.