I've installed new servers with Netware 6.5 and Zenworks 6.5.

I have about 400 workstations with the old version 4.x of Zenwork agents. I've
attempted to update/upgrade the xp workstation from version 4.x to version
6.5 agents/workstation manager.

Now after the upgrade all the workstations that had 4.x workstation manager
will not get you to the login screen. You see the windows splash screen and
then you get an infinity hour glass.

Now, the only way to get to the xp desktop is to boot your system into the
safe mode; but safe mode doesn't allow you to uninstall zenworks.

Two questions:

What could be wrong with our systems running zenworks

How does someone remove the zenwork agents if the only way to get to the xp
desktop is through safemode..