I currently have Zen 4.01 running on an NW 5.1 box. This box is old,
slow and has no space available for upgrading Zen or NW. I now have a
new box (NW OES 6.5) and want to use Zen 6.5.

I am only using the Desktop Management policies in Zen 4, and manual
workstation imaging. We were never able to get the auto imaging
process to work right. What is the best way to do this upgrade? I
had problems with some of the features in Zen 4.01 that I never
resolved, and I therefore don't use. I do not want that "broken junk"
to move into my new 6.5 environment, but I really do not want to loose
my policies & images that I already have.

From what I have seen, it looks like shutting down the Zen 4 on the
old server, and then installing Zen 6.5 on the new server is the way
to do it. Oh, and then, update the Zen client on the workstations,
and move my image files over. However, I would like some additional
comments on that before I try it.