Ok here's the story, originally I had installed edir 8.7.3 then installed
the update (before it was taken out of production), I didn't see
any problems until I installed the update for edir Authen Server Modules
2.3.8 (TID 2971485). After installingthese patches I can no longer
authenticate to edirectory at all, not even with the admin account.

I ended up having to run the uninstall .bat file outlined in TID 10058219
in order to uninstall edir.

What does this have to do with Zenworks I hear you ask. Well when I
reinstalled edir 8.7.3 then update and the edir Authen Server
Modules 2.3.8 the server was fine, that was until I reinstalled Zenworks
Desktop Management 6.5, then restarted the server and once again I could no
longer authenticate to the tree again. All of the services are running, I
have stopped them and restarted just in case, all to no avail.

Prior to installing the edir Authen Server Modules 2.3.8 update there was
no problems with zenworks or edirectory, I have only seen this problem
since installing this update.

Can anyone shed any light on this, I am very hesitant to install any more
patches, this has completely destroyed my tree, (yet again) and I need to
start from scratch. Do these patches actually get tested before being

I can't even find anywhere where I can safely uninstalled the patch,.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.