This may be best in NAL forum but it is an install upgrade issue. I have a
mix of agents from 4.01 to 6.5 sp1. I need to upgrade all workstations to
latest. I know from past experience that "force install" to workstation can
be problematic on agents other than 6.5 sp1. So, I am trying old school
method of running NAL app via login script. Not having much luck though.
Possibly these switches are invalid in 6.5 world. Below is example of

@ C:\Program files\novell\ZenWorks\nalwin32.exe

Where "regedit" is test application. I have tried many variations including
# vs.@. Left local path out and left Tree out. Also tried NALWIN.EXE vs.

Before you ask, our environment is such that forcing upgrade to machine vs.
user is desirable.

Any suggestion on this procedure or possibly a better path to upgrade is