Hello all...

We have just upgraded one of our classrooms to Windows XP. We run
Zenworks 6.5

We want to have Custom Folders. i.e. we want to have our own Start
Menu. Previously (with W2K), you went into extensible policies, into
Shell, Custom Folders, etc.

However, with a Windows XP policy, there is no option for the ext.
policies. If you try and cheat and use the NT-2000-XP policy, you get

"Extensible Policies are not supported on Windows XP. You should use
Windows Group Policies to configure policies for Windows XP systems."

How can we get our Custom Start Menus back, using XP?

(We are using the Group Policy through the XP Policy, and that works
fine. We can do the usual stuff (remote Recycle Bin, turn off
Netmeeting, etc) great.)