Hi all,

I tried to setup my first ZfS6.5 server a few weeks ago, this one
should run ZfD6.5 as well, at least for a new inventory database.
The server itself was running in a different location before, it was
removed from tree - reinstalled into a new dedicated server container
and upgraded from NW6.0SP4 to NW6.5SP2. I started to install both
ZfD6.5P1 and ZfS6.5SP1 but something messed up afterwards, so I
rememered this one had a ZfD3.2 installed before :|
It comes up with a few java errors, ZEN services won't load all the
time but the results are very different...I'm afraid something got
So I think about a fresh install - where should I start:

1. from ZfD3.2(SP2) the fill will be there...the objects itself were
removed because the entire old container is gone...any gotchas?...
2. I would retry a re-install of the ZEN6.5 components...do I need a
file-based cleanup/fix too? Otherwise I would start removing all ZEN
related objects in the new containers ZENworks and even Servers (which
only contains this single server and related objects).

Another option would be - kill the entire server, cleanup both
containers and re-install the entire server....


Thx in advance