I am trying to upgrade one of my zenwork server from 6.5sp1 to 7. We have
two zenworks servers, one running zenworks 4.01 and the other running
zenworks 6.5sp1. When we performed an upgrade for one of our zenwork
server to 6.5sp1 a months ago. We have realized that the schema is
extended and the NDS is updated to zenworks 6.5. luckily the clients that
uses the zenworks 4.01 server which has zenwork management agent (3.2)
loaded on the clients still are able to access the resources via
NALexplorer. So if I upgrade the zenwork 6.5sp1 to 7 this weeks. will the
other zenworks server (4.01) affected ? And will the clients with zenworks
managenet agent 3.2 still can communicated with the zenworks 4.01 server ?
As the schema and nds object will extended to 7 and how/will is the
zenworks 4.01 server be able to talk to zenworks 7 Objects ?