Because we will early implement upgrade ZFD3.0Sp1a on NW6
SP3->ZDM6.5Sp1b on NW 6.5 and
now exist Zenworks 7 Suite,I want to know more exactly differents
ZDM6.5 and ZDM7.
I installed ZDM7 on NW6.5SP3+ZDM 6.5 on NW 6.5SP2 in LAB and over
Console One
find diffrences in NDS objects:Service Location,inventory dbase,server
package, container policy,WS/USer policy,..,plus read

Here is my experience about Zenworks 6.5/7 differences:
-Zenworks 7 Suite include more products than 6.5:IDM 2.x,Assets
-Zenworks 7-Personality Migration is from CA r11 with some
increasing(but I am interesting
in mainly about more reliabilty such as:stable migration NDPS
-Zenworks 7-Aplication management:perhaps include new version
AdminStudio 6.0 Zenworks Edition
-Zenworks 7 Linux managements:new improving is in imaging,new is
policy,invetory,remote control
-ZDM 7:is possible to run on NW6.5SP3/Linux server(OES-Linux,SLES9,..)
-imaging:client imaging engine use Linux kernel 2.6.x-x,and is
possible image Linux WS/server-ext2/ext3,
-PXE menu+Linux NIC drivers is easier edit than in ZDM6.5
-NAL:exists some "NAL WEB Plugin"

My Questions:
1.Who know more technical diffrence in ZDM6.5/ZDM7 such us in
NAL,RC,policy, inventory,....?
2.Linux WS in imaging engine use the same imaging engine for Win WS
and is possible to store image file locally on RaiserFS to?
3.Imaging engine haven`t 2GB limit for local store image?
4.ZDM7 on the NW and on Linux server have the same exactly
ability:such us in NAL,Inventory,Policy,... for Win WS?
5.Difference in Zenworks Server management-ZFS 3.02 in Zenworks
6.5/Zenworks 7 are?
6.Zenworks 7 server management is possible to full
run(management,TED,..)on Linux box?

Thanks for your experience