We are upgrading our current 6.5sp1 ZfD server with a new box. This server only runs ZfD and lets say its called SERVER14. We have the Sys, Zfd, Data, and Apps volumes. Our current database resides on the Zfd volume. To lesson the pain of upgrading I need a few questions answered.

1) Our Zfd database is on the Zfd volume. We have about 1500 workstations and would probably never exceed 2000. Would we be ok if wemade the Sys vol 10g and just installed the ZfD database there like the default install points to. We are not worried about our existing database we can allow it to all regenerate. Or should we just install it on another volume?

2 )Like I said our current Zfd Server is called SERVER14. Should we retain the same name and IP of that server to make the installation that much
easier with what we have already setup with our policies?

3) Assuming we removed the current server from the tree, shut it down, brought up the replacement server with the same name,ID, IP etc and then install ZFd 6.5 sp1 on this new server. How should i prepare the existing objects in ConsoleOne? Should I in preperation delete all the workstation objects and allow then to come in new? And what about all the other policies such as the database and server policies. Im assuming I would have to repoint the database policies to Sys if we install the database on that volume instead of Zfd. Are there any objects I should delete or rename prior to installation or will the just be overwritten and ones that I had created wont be effected?
Should I back up all my objects?

4) Are there any performance tuning parameters we should be aware of when building the new server at the OS level?

I have called Novell support and opened a ticket on these question but since nothing is broke they wont support us yet. SR# 10228627141