I am living in "interesting times", as the old curse goes...

Despite my my best efforts, upper management has decided to drop all of
our Novell products except ZENWorks and go to a Windows 2003 AD
environment. Please spare me the "Don't they realize?" questions. I
fought it, they decided, I must make it happen.

We're currently using ZW3.2 for application deployment, remote control,
(spotty) inventory reporting, and workstation imaging.

What would be the best way for me to put 7.0 in place in a 2003 AD
environment? The server(s) will be virtualized with VMware ESX, if that
makes a difference. We've got ~700 user accounts (~600 located at HQ,
the others spread across three other sites).

My tentative plan is to do a fresh install in a new "zenworks" tree on a
dedicated AD server, and not worry about migrating any existing zenworks
information over to the new environment. A good number of our apps are
shortcuts anyway, and it won't hurt anything to have the workstations
register themselves in a new database. What about the workstation images?

I'd love to hear from anyone that's been down this road, or has advice
to offer, or answer any questions. Thanks!