Being new to e-directory and  DirXML I found implementing ZENworks in pure windows environment difficult.  Can any one tell me which documentation to follow for this to be done in a test environment. I tried to use a documentation from AppNotes titled " Deploying Novell ZENworks for desktop 4 in a pure Microsoft Windows Environment".  If any one has used this document, in configuring DirXML drivers part, to extend the eDirectory schema to accommodate the new Active Directory driver, there is a need to import LDIF file called AD-Driver-Schema.ldif.  I couldn't find this file from the Tid#2964748.  

If I had this file I would continue to follow the steps as in the AppNotes, but just stopped there.  Otherwise I need your ideas or a documentation if any on how to implement ZEN in Windows environment using eDirectory 8.7.3  and Nsure Identity Manager.

looking forward