We have been trying to get zen6.5 installed/configured/working in a
windows 2003/XP only environment.

Can you say ... issues?

I think we can get past all/most of them (have gotten bloodied a bit,
but still clinging on), but ... talking with NTS, there is a seriously
bad slow login issue. COmpletely **** poor and unacceptable. NTS claims
the issue is not edir or the xtier/OneNet components (despite the log
files saying it is these services that are not responding), but rather
.... IIS.

So, we said ... ok, if the default install of IIS 6.0 on win2k3 is
insufficient for the task, then .... how should it be configured so that
it will work?

And the answer? Incredibly ... "we don't know, we can't help. Call


Novell says Zenworks runs on windows, and provides components that rely
on IIS, but they do not support or offer assistance performance tuning
those components on IIS?

Why can this company not see that they need to scramble for every square
inch of success possible? Why?

So ... having gotten that off my chest ... does anyone here have
experience tuning IIS 6 such that more than a handful of users can
successfully login quickly and cleanly without having to wait,
litterally, 5 min while the agent does it's thing?