Hi all,

I wasn't sure where to post this question but thought this might be
the best forum for it. Unfortunately due to management pressures,
technology reduction, and a number of our current and coming business
applications requiring AD as well as being a small shop with limited
IT resources our Novell install is moving to M$ and we are losing Zen
and implementing SMS.

I had a look at another organisation who have been using SMS and
Microsoft products for years and found that SMS isn't what I expected
and is not near the level that Zen is at. So my question for anyone
that may be able to answer is will Novell ever port Zen to a pure AD
only environment, no DirXML with ED sitting around somewhere.

Basically as Zen is such a great product I feel they could sell alot
more of it if it ran in a purely AD only environment as well.

Just my .02 worth