Come on what the heck is the point of releasing a service pack before you
have the documentation ready? you did this with service pack 1, and here we
are with service pack 2 and the same thing!!

You really are lacking in any standards these days:-

"2.0 Resolved Issues
Numerous issues identified in the initial version of ZENworks 6.5 Desktop
Management have been resolved with this support pack. For a list of the
resolved issues, see TID 10093355 in the Novell Support Knowledgebase." -
yeah right nothing written here only mentions up to sp1b!!!!

do you really expect us to install a support pack that does not tell us what
it does?

Forget linux and look aftere your existing customers properly! where was the
public beta? or don't you give a monkeys about testing whether it works
anymore before release?

Sorry for the rant, but no-one is listening and this keeps happening!!

Shaun - your comments please ....