i have to install the zenworks management tools on a citrix-box to allow
application-admins to use consoleone without netwareclient on the

all things work fine on a normal terminal-session on another server

on the citrix-box the consoleone starts and i can manage all nds-objects
and use the actions for workstations (inventory, diagnostic,
remoteview, ...) but i cant edit any application object. there is
folowing zenworks error: "this is not a valid licensed or evaluation
version. Activate License! "
if i activate the licence in this dialog, C1 says OK - and the error
occurs again.

-the zenworks license-object in nds is ok
-the licenses.read file is on the citrix-box
-from all other ws/servers no errors
-on the citrix-box the systemdrive is x: and C1 is installaed in
-there is no c-drive in the citrix-box

in tid 10095221 you can read :
"License object gets cached on the local drive of the workstation that is
running ConsoleOne. It gets copied to a file called "licenses.read" in
the "C:\novell" directory. User running ConsoleOne needs to have read and
write rights to that directory on the workstation running ConsoleOne."

i think, the zenworks plugin for c1 can not find the file licenses.read

is this the issue? must C1 installed on a drive c: or must a drive c:
available to work with C1 and zenworks-management?

is there any solution?