I am currently on ZfD6.5.1 and NW-OES 6.5.3.
About to try ZfDsp2!

I thought this was working when on another server but a new install to
server as above may have upset the configuration. Alternatively I have
something wrong...

I want to use dynamic user so staff and students can log in universally.
Students accounts will be cleared on logout [separate policy]. Staff have
their 'own' home pc and use others in the classrooms. I want their home PC
to keep and use their WInXP account but be dynamic elsewhere. Further I do
not want their home account dynamically removed. I hope that on the home
PC login time will be reduced because their account exists.

Is this possible? I am sure it all worked previously.

What are the specific settings??
- Enable Dynamic User
- manage existing user account
- use eDir credentials
- Volatile user

Am I correct that this is the only configuration point?
I only use one staff User Package and only configure under WinNT-2000-XP.

Thanks John