Hello All,

I've never seen our server perform a workstation removal, I know there are
a few workstations that haven't been logged into for over a couple of
months and they are still in the edir.
Server is Netware 6.6 SP2 with
Zen 6.5 SP1a

The Server package, Policies, Netware has workstation removal ticked.
Default Package schedule is set to Run Event: System Startup.

If I look at the properties of Workstation Removal I have:

Workstation containers set at the highest OU with remove from
subcontainers ticked.

Limits is set to 7
Schedule is set to today, between 11pm and 4am and to repeat every 7 days.
(i've been playing....)

Can anyone comment on settings they use which work or any changes I should
make. thanks
Jav Bux