For several different reasons we have some workstations that will be disconnected from the network from time to time. However, while they're disconnected we'd still like them to have a policy in place. The "Cache User Configuration" checkbox works great and allows the user policy to be stored in the local user profile.

HOWEVER, the problem that we're running into is folder redirection. We're using our group policies to redirect users "My Documents", "Favorites", "Desktop", etc to their network private space. However, that last one is where the problem comes in. Obviously when the user's disconnected, suddenly their Desktop folder doesn't exists. They get an error message from NAL and obviously get no desktop icons.

The ideal solution would be to have the policy redirect when the user is connected, but when disconnected to leave the desktop folder set to its default location C:\Documents and Settings\"username"\Desktop. After doing a little research it looks like this is actually do-able with group policies in an AD environment by using the "Slow Link Detection" setting under folder redirection. This tells the redirection policy to apply when the user has a network connection, but NOT apply when a slow or no network connection exists. Is there any equivalent to this when using ZfD to manage group policies? I've tried fooling around with ADMs to try and make this work, but it doesn't. :(

Any ideas?


Walter Keener
Network Administrator
Allendale Public Schools
Allendale, Michigan