We are in the final stages of our ZDM 6.5 deployment. We are at the point
now where we need to deploy the agents. Most of these will be done via a
batch file in the users' login scripts, but we have a handful of
workstations that do not have the Novell Client installed. I will be
setting up a middle tier server to accomodate these machines, and would
like to use the AgentDistributor.exe to deploy the agents to these

Here's my question: Will the AgentDistributor.exe work if these
workstations are not on our domain? Also, is there any specific way I am
supposed to run the AgentDistributor.exe program? Every time I launch it
from my desktop or from the server, I enter my domain credentials, and I
get one of two error messages - "The RPC Server is unavailable" or "The
stub received bad data". Any ideas?