ZFD 6.5sp2...

Our PC's reside at "OurOU.OU2.OU1.ORG", using domain-only logins with a
middle-tier server A-OK.

I've created "Workstations.OurOU.OU2.OU1.ORG" and setup a DLU user policy to
use the middle-tier as the authentication point, keeping the PC's out of the
domain, yet managing them via ZFD. (I'm trying this with Kiosks to keep
them out of A/D.)

Q1: By associating a DLU policy at the Workstations context, will
computers/users at the parent context located at "OurOU" be affected by this
policy located in the child context at all?

Q2: I'm thinking that by associating the DLU policy at the Workstations
context, then moving the workstation objects to this context...the users
will receive the DLU policy since the computer is in this context?? Is this
even possible? Am I on the right track here?? All user accounts exist in a
single container elsewhere in the tree...