Our Netware 6.5SP4a, Dell PE 1750 server has some sort of software/OS issue
that causes the server to hang when files of 100 mb or greater are written
to any of the two volumes on the server. We noticed this when taking a
workstation image and saving it on the server. This also happens when we
copy files between volumes and within volumes on the same server.

At any rate, Dell has ruled being a hardware error. The next best option
(aside from calling Novell Support and have them tell us what I'm planning
to do anyway) is to back up data, and reinstall Netware / Zenworks on the
server. Is there anything special that I need to do in terms of backing up
the Nal.db and Mgmt.db? The databases and images are essentially the only
data residing on the server that has any importance to me. Do I need to do
anything special as far as reinstalling Zenworks and placing the data back
in the database?

Thanks for any help you can provide.