Hello All,

I've been posting messages and asking questions about ZEN for years but
I never had it. No I do! We just migrated from NW 5.1 to SBS 6.5 about a
month ago. After working out all the bugs in our install I am starting
to install all the fancy extra's Novell offers. I have Netstorage setup
and that's fun ... but moving on.

I ran through the ZfD 4.0.1 install today and all went well. I read over
the MASSIVE amounts of documentation on getting all these fancy policies
setup and I got my own workstation importing automagicly.

However ...

I have about 90 more client machines that I want to get in there. Our
environment is about 70/30 Win98/WinXP. They all have the newest version
of the Novell client installed and I know I need to pass out the
ZfDAgent but wanted to know if there was a way to do it without going to
each workstation. After all, ZEN is supposed to make all that a thing of
the past anyway right?

My questions are:

1. What is the easiest way to enable all the ZEN functionality on my
client machines?

2. For the XP boxes, will I need admin rights to do each one of these?
2a: If Yes, can I somehow do this from a login script?


- Jason